We offer FREE SHIPPING on selected items for Domestic use. (the USA only)
Here is the group of items included:

• Duvet Covers
• Sheet Sets
• Standard Pillow Covers
• Euro Pillow Shams
• Throw Pillow Covers
• Lumbar Pillow Covers
• Curtains
• Table Runners
• Dinner Napkins
• Placemats

Other product/s not mentioned above are not eligible for FREE SHIPPING. 
Product/s or item/s mentioned above cannot be combined with other product/s or item/s to avail of free shipping.
This promo is exclusive only for all Duvet Covers, Sheet Sets, Standard Pillow Covers, Euro Pillow Shams, Throw Pillow Covers, Lumbar Pillow Covers, Curtains, Table Runners, Dinner Napkins, and Placemats.